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Our Story

Our professional introduction agency was set up in 1985 by Alun Jenkins (see "who are we above"), who still interviews most members We were featured exclusively in a 6 week documentary on BBC 1 about high calibre dating called "The Matchmaker".

READ THIS PAGE, even if you do not join us, it could save you thousands of pounds.

Elite Dating Agency - Executive Club of St James's



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Professional dating - Executive Club of St James's



FIND YOUR LIFE PARTNER OR WE WILL REFUND YOUR FEE Pay just 50% try us for 6 weeks If you don't agree that we are "THE BEST" PROFESSIONAL DATING AGENCY in the U.K. then take a 100% refund towards any other introduction agency in the World.

With our top membership, should you not find your life partner within 24 months, we will refund ALL your membership fee. Our lifetime membership levels range from £350 to over £10K. (for full details see FAQ's section 9)

MEN We GUARANTEE that within six weeks of joining our introduction agency, we will introduce you to, TWO OF THE BEST DATES OF YOUR LIFE, warm, attractive, slim, intelligent and classy. If you're not impressed, take a 100% refund towards any other dating agency in the World.

LADIES Within your first 6 WEEKS of joining our introduction agency, we guarantee to introduce you, to two high quality men, who are GENUINELY SEEKING A LIFETIME PARTNER or take a 100% refund towards any other professional dating agency in the World.

HIGH QUALITY PROFESSIONAL DATING PLUS TRAINING COURSES AVAILABLE with Alun, or Kathrine (The clever one - Phd.psychologist)

We are an introduction agency for PROFESSIONALS, seeking a committed relationship. Members range from nurses/ teachers to Queen's Counsel & international business people.

We are very successful for slimmer ladies* aged 24 to 49-ish* and men aged 28 to 59-ish. * We are not proud of the service we are able to offer to clients outside of the above specification so although you are welcome to talk to us we are unlikely to recommend either our service or our success rate as good value for money. We can advise you of better ways to meet people. How easy would it be for us to take your money, arrange a few good dates for you but knowing you were unlikely to find a long term partner through us? - now you know why we're not rich!


Why? because there are two unattached professional women, aged 35 to 50, for each unattached man in the U.K (50% more women than men graduating university). 50% of professional ladies who are still single aged over 35 are unlikely to find a lifetime partner and probably 80% of ladies aged over 39.

40% of ALL females in the UK aged over 50 are single and it is probably even worse for professional ladies.

Most good quality men are "off the market" by age 35 leaving a plethora of losers, mean, weak, emotionally cold, mummies boys and "players" to wade through by normal means.

The few decent quality guys still left, get rather age sensitive when choosing a life partner, as most probably still want children. So Ladies our advice, if you haven't found your life partner by age 33, join a good introduction agency sooner rather than later.

If you are coasting in a "best for now relationship" until you find a life partner to have children with - dump him NOW and move on!

SO WHY SHOULD WOMEN join our DATING AGENCY Well, simply because it is the QUALITY of our men that makes us OUTSTANDING We hold the most intensive interview of any dating agency in the UK, during which we screen out the sort of guys that have in the past wasted your time. We pass them on to other introduction agencies, who snap them up.

We NEVER take on men, who we would not be proud to introduce to you, especially (like many men), they are NOT looking for a committed relationship.

Who usually are many agencies we have NEVER in 30 years given free memberships to men (who are usually are avoiding committed relationships) and offer to take out numerous clients so we can scrape up a few introductions (oh yes they do!)

If you do not think your life partner is worth every penny you pay us, then internet dating or a cheap and cheerful agency is more appropriate for you.

Over 40% of internet dating site "single men" are actually married.

Why, even after 30 years are we the ONLY INTRODUCTION AGENCY in the UK to have a money back guarantee that you will ACTUALLY MEET a MINIMUM of 10 high quality people within 12 months? (others may extend your membership period until you tire or the grim reaper calls for you!

Our introduction agency has been selected by some of the world's most famous people, and we know that confidentiality is paramount.

What makes us different to all other UK dating agencies ? In our FAQ's section ***CLICK*** we list 50 features that makes us superior to ANY other UK dating agency, hence how we alone are able to offer FULL refund guarantees.

Only the best of introduction agencies could meet 5 of these features and only an EXCEPTIONAL introduction agency would be able to meet just 10.

We of course, provide all 50 features including :

Refreshingly honest at all times.

Pay just 50%, try our agency for 6 weeks with a 100% refund option.

Free or subsidised training

No promotional discounts EVER. All members pay the same joining fees. No free memberships given out EVER.

Already a member of any other UK professional agency? If they find you your life's partner, WE WILL REFUND ALL YOUR MEMBERSHIP FEE

Highest quality and younger members.


Interviews conducted in private, at out luxury training apartment in London - not in a coffee shop or hotel lobby.

Membership options £200 to over £10K all listed and priced on paragraph 9 of our FAQ,s.

Change your mind for 3 days for a 100% refund.

Interviews personally conducted by Alun the owner, or Kathrine a Phd. qualified relationship psychologist

Extreme confidentiality as we have had world famous people as members, see our confidentiality contract.

All our prices are published on our web pages to read BEFORE you meet us, see FAQ's para 9.

All our contracts are published so you can see what we promise before you join click here for details

Up to £1700 refunded back towards approved training courses.


Membership Option

We have a range of memberships, from £200 to over £10K, usually the younger you are, the lower the level of dating membership you require. You may date every level of membership, regardless of your own joining fee.

Our Passive Membership costing from £295 enables our members to select you, to date.

Our Basic membership at £1150 provides a service, superior to most other U.K. dating agencies who charge from £2K to £8K for an inferior 6 or 12 date, 12 month only, membership programme.

LIFETIME GOLD MEMBERSHIP Cost £1,865 This is our most recommended membership for both sexes and most ages, especially suitable for ladies aged 30 to 37 and men of most ages.

Higher membership levels are: VIP at £5,875, or Presidential at £11,450/£14,950 which are both exceptional levels that cannot be surpassed.

VIP is particularly suitable for very high earning ladies requiring exceptionally high quality introductions (less men can match your lifestyle only 1% of UK population earn £150K+ and most of those are married) or for ladies aged 39-49. VIP is also recommended for gentleman wanting to find a considerably younger partner.

VIP has many special benefits including the abilty to jump to the front of the queue to meet our new members and have access the to the best of other top London introduction agencies members.

ALL OUR PRICES and membership levels are clearly explained in our Frequently asked questions section (para 9) click here **CLICK**

and include VAT where appropriate. We also publish all our contracts for you to see before you attend an interview see www.ecvip.co.uk or click here ***CLICK***

We do not accept just anyone, aged 18 to 85, any height, any build, etc. We specialise in younger professional introductions only .

This policy enables us to attract more quality men as they will not be pressured into dating ladies in their 50's 60's and beyond, or ladies of a "large frame" so that we can scrape up a few dates for them.

All our memberships are for life, Be assured, before you meet any of our members, we have interviewed and vetted them first.

We interview all members free of charge (2 hours daytime interview) or 98% opt for a full, 4 to 5 hour training/interview, normally costing £340 but heavily subsidised to £35 for clients initially booking the longer interview.

To arrange an interview, read the Frequently asked questions para 6, 9 and 29 FAQ's ***CLICK***

to determine whether you would benefit from the longer interview.

Call us, on 077542 57642 and talk to Alun as he usually answers the calls personally up to 9.30pm and usually at week ends too - how sad is that?

He can, predict your success rate, arrange an interview or, recommend other agencies, more suitable for your needs.

Your first interview is heavily subsidised, usually £35. To opt for a 4 or 5 hour training interview at a later date will cost the normal fee of £340.

We will ONLY offer membership if: i) We genuinely believe we are the best personal introduction agency YOU could join.

ii) We believe our members would like to meet you AND WE are proud to introduce you to them. Given they all have money back guarantees we can't afford you to disappoint them!

iii) We must believe our service will be successful for you and know we have enough good matches at the time of your joining to provide you with a good service from day one.

IT'S THE QUALITY AND AGE OF OUR MEMBERS THAT MAKES US SO SPECIAL We are still the only professional matchmaker in the UK that gives written money back performance guarantees and have done so since 1985.

Maybe this, plus only accepting members we are proud to introduce you to, and hand matching by your own dedicated consultant, is why we attract such high quality members.

Ladies especially, we recommend you read "clients comments about their interviews" below

FURTHER INFORMATION FAQ's **CLICK** All clients wanting an interview should read para 6, 9 and 29 before calling.

The Executive Club of St James's call Alun on 077542 57642 9am to 9pm you can try weekends as well - but no promises.