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3 TESTIMONIALS from people attending the training sessions.

4. A copy of all three complaints received to our trade body in 15 years about our top introduction service. The Executive Club of St James's

5. For full details of the only professional introduction agency in the U.K with money back guarantees see www.thematchmaker.co.uk


FLIRTING ** Learn to flirt dates men or women £195, 2.5hrs ( or bring a friend plus £100)


HOW TO MAKE AN IMPRESSION ON A DATE male or females £195, 2.5hrs


PHOTO SESSION WITH 200 PHOTO ON CD with full copyright £145, 1.5hrs



DATE COACHING by an independent date / style coach - men and women. £50 per hour


HOW TO GET YOUR MAN AFTER 40 a targeted traing course by our specialist coach only for ladies aged over 39, covering everything from a change in attude to changing you dress and hair style. £125

WHOLE DAY TRAINING FOR WOMEN understanding the male mind and his hormones, Flirt training, make up training, photo shoot and relationship training /advice, £595 8.5 hours inclusive of working lunch and coffee breaks. ( without makeup training at £525) Or you may share with a friend at plus £200.

** NOTE: attracting the wrong type of people is NOT flirting. Flirting is about empowering you to make positive things happen, attracting life's losers is not positive. This includes mean, arrogant, weak, mummies boys, possessive or lacking in commitment. Flirting is about attracting the right quality of man ( intelligent strong honest and caring) to initially to make contact with you, so you can develop a closely bonded relationship.


ALUN JENKINS, has been interviewing professional clients for 25 years. The experiential knowledge gained from these intensive four hour interviews is passed on to clients. Alun is aged 65 with two older sons from his first marriage plus a two year old girl and a 6 year old boy from his second marriage. To say Alun is blissfully happily married would be an understatement.

LARA the makeup, was trained by a top French company and is now retained as a makeup consultant to the top rtetail outlet in the UK. Lara will teach you how to choose colours and the appropriate make up to suit you. She will then teach you how to apply makeup to achieve that WOW factor. All our clients rave about her.

PAULA the over 38's coach. Paula set out at the age of 50 to get herself happily married. She applied her considerable business experience to the task. Pauila is indeed successfully married and now applies these techniques along with her coucelling skills to train and support others to acheive results. She can change clients attitudes and approach to finding a partner along with recommending changing the style of dress or hair to make you more trendy and attractive to the opposit sex. She may well advise you to get your teeth whitened. We have only had good feeed back about Paula, indeed she was recommended to us by one of our members in her mid 40's who is now firmly ensconced on a fine country estate with a gentleman to die for - she was his first and only date with us. Paula sure worked her magic for her!

EDA THE WARDROBE,/ STYLE / DATE COACH MEN AND WOMEN Again clients speak highly about her service. Eda will advise you on your current wardrobe and help you to choose colours and styles that suit you. She will tell you where to shop for appropriate clothes and will accompany you if you wish. Clients tell me that she does not just send them off to designer label shops at high prices but advises where to get really trendy clothes at sesible prices that does not make your credit card satement catch fire..

For full details of The executive Club of St James's see www.thematchmaker.co.uk SECTION 3 CLIENTS COMMENTS ABOUT THEIR INTERVIEWS

First a message from our owner Alun Jenkins.

Hi all, I have always been reluctant to publish testimonials from “happy clients” because I think they can be misleading and dishonest. If we were the very worst introduction agency in the UK and 95% of our members thought we were the biggest con they had ever encountered, then also by the law of averages at least 3% of our members would have found a partner through us and thought we were wonderful. We could then publish the testimonials from this 3% saying how brilliant we were – so how much useful information would you have gained. So in most cases to publish this information even if the testimonial was true, could still present a misleading or dishonest representation of a service. However with that being said, I think it may be helpful to publish the comments of clients who have attended the interview and / or flirt coaching session to put potential members at ease, at the purpose of such a long interview. To balance these complimentary comments I have included at the bottom of this page the two complaints I have had about my interviews and service in the last fifteen years.

anyway the nice comments first. March 2012 “I can honestly say that the women who I have met through the Executive Club of St James have been some of the most elegant, educated, stylish and sophisticated I have ever met. If you are an intelligent, educated gentleman, looking to find that special woman you will struggle to find a better calibre”.

Charles is a 30 year old GP from the Redhill area who was recommended by his sister to join us ( she is rather nice as well).

Hi Alun,

It was a life-changing learning experience of the flirting session last Saturday. I put on the dress buried deep in my closet ( which I planned to donate to the charity) to your suggestion and went to a social event on Sunday, two men (though not my type) asked my number and I made a female friend.

It takes time for me to adjust but I will get out of my comfort zone and practice. In the mean time, if you feel like any other services of yours that would be beneficial to me, please advise. I'd be interested to hear about more options. Lee Sept 2011 email

Lee was Chinese and was giving out very closed signals, with lottery wins more frequent than smiles on her face. Looks like she's well on the way


Talk about meeting a man who changes your life...after yesterday I'll never be the same again. It was a pleasure to meet you and a privilege to hear some of your wisdom. I have been working hard to put what you taught me into action. There's still room for improvement but I'm already feeling like a new woman! Thank you very much. LYNNE Aug. 2011 email

Dearest ALUN,

sorry if I didn't write to you but May is for me a month full of work and things to do but I'm not complaining... I wanted to tell you that you'are a magician, a person very talented and gifted. I'm really glad that God gave me the opportunity to meet you. Thanks to you I understood much better human beings and especially men... Grallia June 2011 Email

. Grallia is a trendy attractive 53 year old doctor who flew over from Italy for a flirt training session and then went on to one of our London social events. She was the "belle of the ball" the guys were talking about her for weeks and she has some Swiss banker chasing her and inviting her to Geneva.

January 2011 Hi Alun you are a genius! everything you taught me is working miracles, wish I had met you years ago, I will be back for a refresher regards Lisa

Lisa worked in an office full of single hedge fund managers and interfaced with very wealthy clients. I told her she had the choice of more top quality peole that even I could provide. I advised her not to join my agency but to treat herself to a flirting course which she did. Three weeks later she sent me the text message above.

September 2010 I met with Alun recently and he immediately put me at ease with his warm, welcoming personality and sense of humour. He explained how his service works and we spent a considerable time talking about me and what I want from a relationship. He was extremely professional, pleasant and very honest, which was refreshing. He provided me with one of the most inspirational and thought provoking experiences about love and relationships I have ever had. I was extremely impressed by Alun and how he operates his agency. If you are thinking about using a professional dating agency that takes time to find out about what you REALLY want then I cannot recommend him highly enough. Barry is a professional energy consultant from Hull.

September 2010 Hi Alun, How are you? I just wanted to thank you for the time you gave to discuss with me my dating challenges. You really opened my eyes to the reality of the situation! Although part of my dating journey has been painful, you've helped me gain knowledge that is empowering. I am a different person now! After your initial free consultation I took up the option of a flirting class and after those two sessions with you, I magically started to attract better quality dates. In fact just days after our session on flirting skills, I was asked on two dates with highly eligible men and a third man suddenly gave me his business card on the tube, started chatting and asked me to call him! I am more confident now and although none of my dates have yet resulted in a relationship, I feel I'm making progress and the future is looking good!

Thank you also for the photos. I've chosen a couple of them to use for internet dating.

Best wishes,

Suzie Sometimes our agency is not the right way to proceed for every client and we offer a course on flirting at £195 and a 200 photo shoot ( on a CD with the copyright to reproduce them) at £145 as we make sure the photographs present people at their best giving them the confidence to go forth and make it happen. Members get these courses free or at greatly subsidised rates.

March 2010 I am a 28 year old professional female, born and raised in London. I had never been to an introduction agency before. I went to The Executive Club of St James's, and chose to call them as after doing much research found out they were the top agency in London. Well, I was amazed at how much information we exchanged after a five hour interview. Alun made me feel really relaxed and comfortable and it was like talking to an old friend, he opened my eyes up to the world of how men think, what to do and what not to do, as well having made an assessment to all my faults, which I have managed to change now.

Alun, declined taking me on his books, as he told me that I was childish, naive and did not know how the world worked. He gave me an action plan of what to do and has been at the end of the phone for support. Well, now I turned myself around, I know how men think and work and date a lot as well as I have full faith and confidence in myself that when Mr Right comes along I will be able to catch him and keep him.

This client has now come back after 18 months and is now ready to make proper use of our service, and will join us in August - and she's pretty!

February 2010 I would encourage any woman who is serious about finding a lifetime partner to speak to Alun Jenkins. The hours I spent with Alun yesterday were epiphanic. His knowledge about the economics of the “mate market” - and my position in it – was honestly delivered and enabled me to face the reality of my situation. However, this knowledge was not provided in isolation but with practical solutions and advice that empowers me to increase the probability of meeting the love of my life. This alone would have made the interview worthwhile, but the icing on the cake - the epiphany - was the awakening of my “inner child”! Okay, it took him five hours to do it, but wow! I felt peaceful, playful, vulnerable and, well - girlie! I went out on a date last night with a guy I’ve seen a couple of times – he said that for the first time my hug felt WARM and he really hopes to see me like that again. The behavioural patterns of a lifetime don’t change overnight but now I’ve rediscovered the child, I know where to find her. And I can’t WAIT for Alun’s flirtation training!!

Jane is a very successful businesswoman based near Windsor completing her Phd in psychology - obviously very good at languages, too clever for me. I'll get my dictionary out to understand what she has said!

January 2010 Hi Alun, I leave for New York on Wednesday, and though I won't be in London and thus available to go forth with you and your service at this point at least. I wanted to say how much your harsh words back last year made a difference, and the flirting session. Since that time, I've started wearing more feminine clothes, actively spending a lot more time in the company of men, flirting more, and just imagining myself in that next stage. I have had a pedicure, manicure, and I pay more attention to my make up. I was even told by a classmate that I look younger now than when I arrived at the school 2.5 years ago. Much of this was inspired by those hard words in London. thank you for caring enough to express them. It has made a big difference. I was even chased by a 27year German two nights ago, and generally I am just receiving more attention. Wait till I get to New York.. I'll keep you posted from there, and thanks again. Hoping to be able to send you some photos of good things coming forward. best regards , Lana

I advised Lana not to join an agency yet, but to learn to be more feminine and sexually attractive to men . She came for a flirtation coaching session. When she had learnt to feel sexy feminine and more flirtatious then she will be ready to make proper use of a dating agency, as just joining an agency then getting rejected by clients is not helpful.

24/12/09 Hi Alun Flirted with guy on the underground on the way home, guess what he asked me for a date! Just had to tell you. Txt Haven't heard from Simon (my tube man) since Thurs so I am not sure whether I will get to do a date - a bit disappointing if this is the case but the point is I have improved thanks to you! Also it helps that I know that you (and Mrs Jenkins!) are rooting for me - it means so much, you just wouldn't know. I am really grateful of your support.

17/1/2010 Best wishes PS As I promised I will update you as above - extraordinarily, I bumped into Simon the guy I met in the tube last Saturday. He apologised for not keeping in touch. He has gotten his mobile and blackberry nicked, and said he was hoping he would bump into me given that we live streets apart. As he was the one that spotted me, I am inclined to believe him. I am not particularly sure whether I want to take it much further with him, given that he is in his 20s (well, 29) and I think there is a gap in terms of how intellectual we are. But I'm going to try and keep an open mind and see how it goes. At the very worst I will have a nice evening, if he asks me out!

(She pulled this date on the underground train on the way home from a flirt training session - and we are so proud of her - want to know how she did it? click on www.topintroductionservice.co.uk

I have been thinking of a testimonial you can place on your website - how about this?

I was 34 and single, I had no clue why, neither did my friends. Things had to change and I made a very courageous step of picking up the phone to Alun. He identified what change I had to make after careful interviewing and offered flirtation training that week. I couldn't believe what he was telling me at the training - he instructed me to make moves which I would never think of doing. But Alun exudes so much confidence I had to trust him. That evening I tried out (gingerly) my new found technique on the tube and picked up a nice date on my way home. I couldn't believe it, I've never picked up anyone on any transport before! The first person I wanted to talk to was Alun - it was late but I just had to thank him, as the effect he had made on me was so transformational! email

“G” a city lawer

20/01/2010 Dear Alun, I wanted to write to say thank you for taking the time to interview me last week. Your kind, gentle and honest manner made me feel at ease almost straightaway and I found the interview insightful and invaluable in helping me to understand myself better. By the end of the interview, I can honestly say that I felt renewed faith that true love does exist and what that actually means! I feel more confident in myself as a result of the interview and I am really excited and proud to be a member of your agency. Many thanks for all your help, guidance and support. I’m now looking forward to having wonderful dating experiences!

Sarah xx Director of Global Stategy

16/01/10 Dear Alun, Of course I will add a testimonial. I have known Alun for over ten years now; we are very different human beings, we clashed at first as we did not understand each other. It is a long time since I have met such a caring, genuine individual, all he wants for his friends and clients is the happiness, that he has been able to find in his own personal life. He has all the necessary core values, understanding and experience to pass to others, if you listen to his wisdom, you will learn, how to make relationships grow.- email "B" businessman Geneva ( ex professional international rugby player)

14/12/09 Hello Alun, Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Friday – it was the best day of the year for me, just brilliant. I was walking on air when I left and felt ten feet tall all weekend. I feel I can now “stop dating bloody losers” as you put it, and leave the relationship equivalent of Gravesend! Yippee! You are wonderfully perceptive and funny and the way you took photographs completely gave me back my femininity, the best present of all. Thank you so much and I’m really looking forward to meeting and hopefully making friends with some nice men. Warmest wishes.

email “T” a TV producer And after her firt training 10th April 2010

Dear Alun, I just had to write and tell you you should definitely be prescribed on the NHS...! Every time I go and see you about something, whether my original interview or a crash course in flirting I always leave your office feeling ten foot tall (not bad for a lady of five foot two!). You really do have the most amazing ability to give a woman back all her femininity and magic even if she's had to be a total bloke in the workplace for millennia.

After a flirting class with you on Thursday, followed by a make up session with Lana on Friday I floated down the stairs to my date on Friday evening, skirt up to here, skin glowing there, eyes set to stun and feeling simply on top of the world. You do do the most brilliant job of confidence boosting. On the way to the date I passed a group of builders, one of whom said "Evening, beautiful", to which, thanks to you, I was able to smile and say "Thank you" rather than staring at him in bewilderment or trying to hide behind a copy of the Metro. And when I got to the date I was beaming away from knowing such secrets as the Pathway to the Promised Land, how to close the gap between you and your date and what it means when their pupils go like saucers...! I haven't quite got Barbara Windsor's tactile warmth yet but I no longer worry about how to handle the hug at the end of the date - I will never forget all those practice hugs with you in slow motion, complete with slo-mo sound effects - I laughed so much during the session after that a hug from a real date was a breeze!

Thank you again very much. The lovely gentleman I met that night clearly didn't mind being flirted with all evening and it seems a third date is on the cards. Which, considering I was behind the door when the flirting skills were being handed out, is all I could wish for!

20/12/09 Hello Alun, Haven’t stop smiling since I left, I feel million times better I’ve ever felt. They can’t do my makeup but I’m buying some for Monday txt “D” “E” Director of Clinical trials

22/12/09 Hi Alun, I just wanted to say thank you so very much for the guidance, it really has had a profound effect on my self image in a positive way. I am following the advice to the letter and feel so much better already and I feel content and safe within myself for the first time in my life. Thank you, really it has been very liberating to understand the dynamics of the past and I have been thinking a lot about it since I left. Plus smiling at people and talked to someone, plus changing my walk so softer, my posture and also I am going to change my voice. The aim is to be a very different me by the time you see me again! email

( we gave this client a 5 hour interview and advised her she was not yet ready to join any dating agency but set out a plan for her to build up her self confidence and develop her flirting skills,)

19/8/09 Flirted with bloke on the underground he’s the CEO of a global engineering firm. He carried my bag and left me on my train and I hugged him. P.S. he gave me his business card and said to call him.

“F” businesswoman ( This was a Miss World contestant we gave flirtation training to ( including how to hug properly to leave an impression) as she was a little distant, she then pulled this date on her way home. He turned out to be married as they do, but the point was she had learnt to flirt you can always reject them afterwards).

???/08 Hi Alun Just to say a big thank you for the time you spent with me recently. I was amazed how such simple questions could stir such deep emotions from within me. To say the experience was cathartic would be an understatement. Because of all my mixed emotions I did not feel a “princess” at the time but since returning home I feel like “the princess of the world” and it is not euphoric as I have felt like it all week. For the first time in my life I walk down the street with my head held high being proud of just being me. Thanks

“B” a City financial trader

*********************************************** SECTION 4 THE COMPLAINTS

Complaints from clients about The executive Club to our trade association the ABIA We have had just three complaints in 15 years to our trade body the ABIA. Two of the complaints were from women I advised not to join but to contact other agencies They complained about what they were told by me either over the telephone when they first called in or in the second case at the interview, the third complaint was a female city banker who objected to paying her £30 cancellation fee when she cancelled her interview. The ABIA have no complaints at all from any of our members whether about the service we provide, the quality of the members they have met.. indeed no complaints at all. I thought it might be helpful, as a balance to the nice comments we constantly receive to also publish these complaints as well. I publish the first and third complaint complaint in full as received at the ABIA and my recollection of the second complaint until I can find the original letter.

This letter is about what I discussed on the initial phone call into us, She was not invited for an interview, and appeared OK whith everything said at the time but on reflection she took great exception to what I said on the telephon, and wrote this letter to my trade association.



Hi Heather Obviously I have tried to rid my mind of the unhealthy things that were said to me so my facts may not be as full as they would have been at the time; therefore, I think it would be easier for me to explain the main things that happened in a series of bullet points.

I called him on the basis of having seen him listed on the ABIA website and the conversation lasted well over an hour. I looked to this website first in order to get some kind of comfort and assurance that I was dealing with reputable organisations.

* He made a point of saying that because I am in my late 30s that I had to understand that it was going to be extremely difficult to meet someone. He went on and on laboring the point and saying that if I were pretty and 10 years younger it would not be a problem and that he would have given me a discount had I fitted into that category.

* He asked if I was ambitious and when I said that I was not especially he said that that was just as well as he would not be interested in that kind of person.

* He also said he would "tell me what men are looking for in women". He said he knows because he is a man and because of his 20 years experience in the dating business. Needless to say this was patronising in the extreme.

* He said that he could guarantee that I had never been in love. He asked me how many times I had been in love and then said he could give me a test to show that I had never truly been in love. It was a long involved example and I gave him an answer which I think he wasn't expecting. He said that in 20 years he'd never been wrong about this point. He said that there was more to being in love than b*nking someone for 7 or 8 years. Obviously this was shockingly vulgar, highly offensive, ignorant and presumptious.

* He spoke so quickly and persuasively at times that it was virtually impossible for me say anything in response. It is only with hindsight that I astonish myself that I didn't put down the phone on him; but he was very clever and somehow held me in conversation.

* He said it was clear that I was not my "father's princess" as I would not still be single at my age. Again, I was utterly lost for words that someone could be so rude, offensive, etc. He did not know anything about me apart from my age (and dress size which he also asked for).

* He said he wanted to explain to me "what love is" and that he needed to meet up with me to go into more detail. He said it would take about 3 hours of my time. Again this was utterly patronising and condescending beyond the pale.

I am a postive, cheerful person but I felt quite disturbed after the phonecall: it bruised my confidence and ruined my evening entirely. Thankfully I have good friends and family to talk to so I bounced back from the experience very quickly. A friend of mine summarised my experience very well. She said his behaviour was like that of an extremely clever religious cult (like scientology) trying to recruit. He was trying to make me feel so low and needy and thereby lower my expectations to the point where I would feel desperate enought to settle for anyone on his books.

In my view, this man is very clever, maniupulative and highly dangerous and should not be permitted to practice.

If you have any doubt about this chap, I would suggest one of you call him up and pretend to be interested in his services.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. letter

(this letter is printed in its entirety exactly as received)


The second complaint to the ABIA: around Dec 2007 was from a client that attended an interview.

( I am looking for the original details) A client at her free interview thought she could join on a low cost membership. After interviewing her, given her circumstances, I did not think a low level membership would work, and refused to offer her a low level of membership. I suggested she went for interviews at cheaper agencies. She thought that just because she earned a high salary, that I tried to upsell her an expensive membership for our own financial reasons. She was advised not to join but to go for interviews with other agencies and then decide what she wanted to do. She wrote a letter of complaint to our trade association the ABIA, on the grounds that because I knew she was a high earner I tried to sell her an expensive membership.

. Both these complaints were from ladies I advised not to join and go for interviews at other agencies. Unfortunately they were both very upset indeed and wrote letters of complaint to our trade watchdog the ABIA. I am sorry that they were upset but I feel so many others get such a benefit from the interviews, I feel compelled to continue, always on the basis that if you were my sister/brother and I loved you dearly the telephone response and the interview would be exactly the same. I am aware some people like to be told only good news, "that there are hundreds of gorgeous men out there gagging to meet you" regardless of how old you are, or how you look ( take them to bed -just maybe - marry them? - get real).

The irony is in this business, a bubbly very attractive intelligent "sexy" woman is comfortable and generally fllrtatious with her body space, it is always the 'plain Janes" that think you are making a sexual pass at them if you touch their shoulder or sit closer than 6ft. I think I have to live with the fact that 1 in 100 clients think I am "manipulative, highly dangerous and should not be permitted to practice" and that it is better for me to take the wrath of such feelings from them and their attidude towards men, than to allow them to meet our members. In all circumstances though we wish you all ( including these complainants happiness - I would give true love to everyone, even Hitler- it would have made him a completely different person) my best regards Alun Jenkins

Since these two complaints I have added paragraph 49 to the FAQs.

Our third complaint was from a female city banker who after cancelling her appointment refused to pay her £30 deposit for a cancelled appointment although we offered to let her pay the £30 to a charity. When I insisted she would pay the money even if it meant me spending time at court, this released venom the likes of which I've never seen before, to say I wouldn't introduce her to my worst enemy is not true - I would, as it would bring a smile to my face , is this evil?

Politically correct feminist ? what do you make of this?

Why doesn't God make women more intelligent? because he wants her to respect, look up to, and love a man! doesn't she?

If you want to read some actual love stories see www.topintroductionservice.co.uk


Note: We are so confident about your satisfaction from attending a course we make the following guarantee: If YOU don’t agree that your course was of immense benefit to you AND / OR good value for money, we will at your request donate 50% of the fee to any reasonable charity. ( never happened yet! )

FOR WOMEN LEARN TO FLIRT £195 for 2.5 hours ( free or subsidised with many EC memberships)

Learn to select and apply makeup for that WOW factor by a top makeup artist. £95 ( 2.5 hours).

200 Photo, photo shoot on cd with FULL COPYRIGHT £145 (1.5hours) Flirt training and photo shoot on same day £295 (4 hours)

Flirt training, makeup training and photo shoot on same day £375 ( 6 hours)

Whole day training, understanding the male mind and his hormones, Flirt training, make up training, photo shoot and realtionship training /advice, when to introduce sex etc. £595 (8.5 hours inclusive of working lunch and coffee breaks).

Share with a friend If you want to share this experience with A friend then add just 50% of the above fees, and the course may need to be extended by one hour.

call 077542 57642 for details or e:mail to [email protected]

THIS MAKES A UNIQUE PRESENT TO A SINGLE PERSON. Buy it as a present and we will redeem 90% of the value back if not used.


Personal shopper wardrobe consultant £300 ( 4 hours)

Lifestyle / work balance / style consultant. Trial consultation £40 ( 1 hour)

Would you like to be trained to select and apply makeup by an expert? call Lana on 07940402746 £95 (2.5hours)


Because God gave men an undersize heart, is is not capable of poviding enough blood to work his penis and brain at the same time - ask Tiger Woods about it!


What women really want from her man, how to find her, attract her and keep her, and make you one of luckiest guys on the planet £250 ( 4 hours)

updated MARCH 2012

** For more information about the introduction agencies trade organisation see http://www.professionaldatingagencies.co.uk/


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The Executive Club of St James's call Alun on 077542 57642 9am to 9pm you can try weekends as well - but no promises.